5 Things That You Shouldn’t Do When Revamping Your Space

Interior designing is fun and exciting. Just imagine a number of things you can do to make your home an attractive place is enough to make you get a sketch pad and starting drawing your ideal space. But pace yourself. Before you draw anything, you need to know what things to avoid in order to create a compelling interior designs sans the pitfalls that can ruin the entire look:

  1. Overcrowding the space


Shopping for home furnishings is definitely exciting. You will definitely see a number of pieces you love to take home. But if you are not careful, you might be buying things that you don’t need. It will just take space in your home and ruin your design concept. Be sure to buy only the things you need so you can save money and space, and also save yourself from ruining the look of your space.


  1. Sticking too much to the theme


Some people tend to take the “Stick to the theme” tip to a whole new level – like getting everything right down to the smallest details. But authorities in home interior design in Dubai suggest not to take it literally. Doing that would make the space a little bit dull. It would be best if you can bring variety to the space to add a much-needed mix.


  1. Picking your paint color first


Your wall paint is one of the most important aspect of the space. But it is not just about the wall color that you want. You also need to take into account other factors like your furniture. It would be best if you can check the color scheme of your existing furniture before you pick your paint color. Doing the opposite might result to picking a color that will not go well with your design pieces.


  1. Not having a focal point


The point of having a focal point in the space is to have a corner where you can highlight your statement pieces. Without a focal point, each corner of your home will look and feel the same. Be sure to dedicate a space that will serve as your focal point.  All elements of the house should lead to this corner.


  1. Using common lighting fixture

Everything in the space should be go with the concept, including the lighting fixture. So do not just buy any light bulbs and luminaries. Be sure to pick a lighting fixture that would address the aesthetic and functional needs.

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