Common mistakes people make while cleaning the house

Well when we start to clean our house we try our best to do the best cleaning of our house and obviously it takes too much time to clean the house. No doubt its time consuming work because lots of things you have to look after but always make some mistakes while doing cleaning the house. And these are common mistakes that we always make we do not try to learn that how we should clean the things how to clean the sofas, how to clean the kitchen, how to clean the bathrooms or how to clean the floors etc. we do our best but something is lacking all the time. Well best way to learn you can ask to cleaning companies or you can watch them while cleaning the house.

Deep cleaning services in Dubai sometimes provide such videos from where you can learn that how to clean the house. Let’s see what are the common mistakes that we do all the time.


Clean your windows on sunny day

Well definitely you would be thinking that it would be good to clean your windows on sunny day will be nice but actually its not. Cleaning windows on sunny day is not suitable for windows. You will use some solutions to clean your windows which will not leave any effect on your windows.

Do not use cleaner spray direct on your floor

One more thing that we should learn that do not use spray cleaner directly on your surface because it can be harsh to your surface and sometimes it could be allergic for some people like asthma patient or somebody could be allergic with cleaner spray. So best way to use the cleaner is spray on the surface cloth and then wipes out the surface.

Do not wipe your counters with dirty clothes

Well almost everyone clean the counters in the last and sometime we just don’t get that what we are doing, we use the dirty cloth or dirty water to wipe out the counters which is not good for your counter. It could be harmful for you and it could spread the

Do not clean the countertops with acid

Almost everyone use acids to clean the stone counters because it keeps the clean the stone counter but it’s not effective for the health because the smell of acid could not be good for some people and people could be allergic with the acids. Visit for more details.