Party hard at these amazing locations in Dubai

Want to make your holidays in Dubai more exciting or you are a party animal and you need that thrust to make this one last stop. Despite being a Muslim country, Dubai’s parties are the best there is. The most hyped and the most colorful parties you might ever get invited to. There are a lot of places which are always partying but you might get confused that which place is best for it. Well, don’t be, here, you will learn and know the best places where to get you can fill your thirsty party monster.

Yacht parties are always the best and if that is near to a Golf club makes it even better, and you can find both of these places in Cielo Sky Lounge, Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht club. This club has the Ibiza theme and if you are a party lover you know Ibiza is a paradise for party people. The décor is made for the modern hipsters while white and cool blue theme. There is a DJ all time which swipes the music off your standing ground. Open view of the azure blue sea and canopy style shade makes the best Insta stories for months, this can even be the ultimate outdoor birthday party venue in Dubai.

Eden Beach Club as obvious from the name this place is heaven for people who love to party light and this is best ranked for corporate events in Dubai. People not only party here but also business events are executed here. You can say these are private bunglows with the best beach front covered with palm trees.

If you are on a vacation with your friends then be a part of Societe Jumeriah. This is the most frequently recommended place by adult teenagers. You can hear the music of this club even from 3 blocks away. It has no restriction on dressing of both genders but one should know their ways as well. It has a karaoke place where you can show off your talent on your own risk obviously. You can drink from a variety of cocktails infused with alcohol and the bartenders know the best ways to serve you.

The basement is another get away to feed your party hunger, with dark theme and lot of drinks to get you started and startled. It has Dhs 100 entry fee with a long waiting line.