Myths vs facts about gluten free diet

Just like every other thing, there are myths revolving around the gluten free diet in Dubai and questions are being raised if it’s really as effective as it claims to be? In association to which more questions are raised and to satisfy the curiosity, people often aim for the wrong information would sound pleasing to the listeners. No more as we break that monotony through facts and myths.

  • Gluten free diet only works for gluten sensitive people. This is a huge misconception which most people are facing in their life and they think that by eliminating gluten they will be able to lift the quality of their diet by being healthy when in reality it is only driving them away from other important nutrients. Most gluten free diets also eliminate important nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals which is important for the body. Such diet only helps people with gluten related disorders.
  • Gluten free diet promotes weight loss
  • Presence or absence of gluten does not matter in weight gain or loss. If someone has a high intake of breads, pastas and cookies in their diet then this could be affecting their body in both ways: gluten and weight gain. The reason is that such foods contain refined flour which can collect up to make fat in body. If you replace it with fruits and vegetables then obviously it’s going to be a healthier approach. This does not necessarily mean that gluten diet promotes weight loss though it can be a side effect of it.
  • Few crumbs of bread intake here and there can work
  • Few crumbs of bread are certainly harmful for someone on a gluten free diet. You may think that your reason for the gluten free diet is different and that you are aiming for weight loss and sometimes a cheat day could work but even for health reasons you should avoid even tiny amounts of gluten or if you are following it because of gluten sensitivity and think that you can take the risk in exchange of the goodness then you will be in real danger because gluten can affect intestinal cells of a person with celiac disease. Other than that, many diabetic patients merge their diabetic diet plan to gluten free diet for double benefits.